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Break Through

Your Barriers to

Personal Success

Do you struggle with chasing your goals?

Are you looking for the next breakthrough at work? 

Do you know your life's mission? 

Are you looking to start a side gig or change careers?

Your Goals get Farther Away

I know exactly how you feel. That goal lingers in the back of your mind.  Every day it gets pushed back a little further. It’s like you’ll never start your Etsy store, start freelancing or get into real estate investing. The universe is against you. 

Image by Alex Knight

Obstacles and Distractions Build Up

Image by NeONBRAND

Money is tight, and you can’t save enough to start your business. Your spouse depends on you, and a career change will cause chaos.  Your boss keeps assigning you more work, and you can’t find the time to focus on yourself. 

No matter the reason, you’re not doing what you love, OR you're not doing it at your best. It's absolutely depressing. 


I know you want to break through.

Greatness is Within You

Here’s the secret.


There are no quick fixes or get-rich-quick schemes. But, you have the potential to achieve unimaginable success. All of the tools come from within. You just have to unleash your own greatness. 

Image by Stefan Steinbauer

Unleash your Power

Image by Halacious

If you want to break through any obstacle in your path and reach your goals faster than ever then, this may be the most influential book you’ll ever read. 

Let Us Guide You

This book will be your best friend through the struggle. It will teach you to walk then run headfirst toward your goal, dismantling any barrier in your path. 

Image by Annie Spratt


Take Your First Steps.

Habits Cover Black BG.jpg

Atypical Habits, Atypical Success, will help you.

  • Find your purpose

  • Stay focused on your goals

  • Mute all the distractions

  • Rejuvenate your motivation

  • Get wildly good at anything

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