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Welcome to the blog

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Here's where I will share thoughts, observations, tips, hacks to get better at life and career.

This will be a series of stories, memories, lists, etc meant to make you reflect, adjust your perspective, grow, make more money, and reach higher levels of success.

If you laugh, get angry, feel sorrow, or get lost in amazement along the way, then I know you'll also take the lessons to heart.

My experiences are varied, and I expect that my audience is similarly diverse. The examples which jack-hammer home certain lessons for some people will be completely out of touch for others. So I'll use my experience in various roles over the years to illustrate main points.


For pure entertainment and as a break from the hardcore self improvement work, I will share transformative encounters as a doctor, black man, dance instructor, choral singer, ball player, husband, brother, or son.

So, walk, run, scoot, skip, or ride along with me on this journey. You will be glad you did.

Until next time my people.

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